Crossiety's digital village square

Crossiety - Social Network

Crossiety's digital village square is a local and trustworthy communication solution for your neighborhood, community, and region. On the interactive app, users can inform themselves, communicate with each other and get involved.

For the past few years, we’ve been successfully working with Crossiety, helping them become one of the leading Swiss companies in hyperlocal and communicational solutions. With the emphasis on Smart living together, Crossiety aims to make better use of the valuable potential within local society by exchanging ideas and helping each other. Local coexistence can thus be made more attractive and sustainable.
Web, iOS, and Android platforms

Our role

Our role in the development of this app was to ensure its seamless functionality in three different platform environments (Web, iOS, and Android). From laying out a concept design to creating a content architecture that can support activity from a large number of users, we provided solutions for crucial steps of the development, as well as consultation. We also focused on the scalability that will allow future platform growth. Finally, we provide server infrastructure and logistics as well as other solutions.

Business Challenge

  1. Increase location attractiveness - Connect local interest associations and better utilize the existing potential in a city or a region that would strengthen its sense of living together.
  2. Support dialogue and participation - Help the community residents to get actively involved, which means that local issues and trends can be identified at an early stage.
  3. Professionalize online communication - Communicate efficiently in a fresh and reader-friendly format that can also be used to reach younger and elder target groups.
  4. An agile web development process - Allow for flexibility and provide rapid and continuous improvement of software solutions.
Business Challenge


  1. Create your community - with the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), we determine the radius within your home base from which you can choose areas you are interested in. Once selected, each area provides you information with actual news, events, engagements, and neighbor members.
  2. Reach your members easily and efficiently - a variety of post types, like news, event, share, survey, organize..., enables complete communication and organization solutions for individuals, groups/teams, or whole communities in real-time. Each post type has its specialties, like attend or participate options, comment, bookmark, integrated calendar, and many others.
  3. Take part in a discussion - real-time comments enables users to express themselves on topics they care, while chat allows fast and secure communication between two users or an entire group.
  4. All events in your area at a glance - with the possibility of embedding articles and events on external sites, the added value of real-time communication from Crossiety now can also be transferred to existing, static websites. Furthermore, all events are compatible with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or other calendars that can import iCal events from a Webcal link.
  5. Never miss a thing - with completely opt-in push and email notifications users can be notified about the activities of interest in real-time.
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My region solution
Community solution
Termin finder solution
Group solution
Chat solution

Technical features

  1. Zero-downtime deployment - we have ensured that the website or apps are never down or in an unstable state during the release update process.
  2. Real-time error monitoring - we are using cloud-based data monitoring that helps us discover, triage, and prioritize errors in real-time.
  3. Shared web view for iOS and Android apps - with the help of Turbolinks adapters, we have built hybrid apps with native functionality and a single web view. Almost 95% of the code is shared between Web, iOS, and Android apps. That is how we have lowered expenses and speed up development progress with more focus on new features.
  4. Moving fast with Preact - using 3kB alternative to React we have developed modules like chat and still retained the performance with no additional code complexity.
  5. Real-time updates - App communicates with a server across a WebSocket connection. Messages are being instantly distributed with little overhead resulting in a very low latency connection.
  6. Automated testing - to ensure stability on each production deploys we are using multiple levels of automated testing covering more than 75% of code.

Joel Singh, Crossiety

Choosing the right tech partner for our project was crucial, and the Effectiva team proved to be the perfect fit. Their innovative solutions, efficient service and unwavering enthusiasm made the entire process successful. Thanks to Effectiva's high-level expertise, our project delivered exceptional results. Effectiva team's commitment to excellence is unmatched, and we are very happy with the outcome.
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