JavaScript developer

We are looking for a full-time middle or senior JavaScript developer to join our team.

What are we looking for?

  • excellent knowledge of Javascript (ES6, NodeJS)
  • experience with JavaScript classes in Vanilla JavaScript
  • excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • experience with web components (LitElement) or any similar component system (React, VueJS, etc.)
  • good knowledge of Webpack or similar build system
  • experience in SASS or another CSS preprocessor
  • knowledge in working with Linux command-line tools
  • good knowledge of Git
  • good knowledge of English


  • follows established patterns and approaches within existing code bases with ease
  • works mostly on clearly defined and scoped individual features or problems
  • usually at least 2-5 years of experience being a professional programmer in the specific domain


  • knows and wants to lead a team
  • follows and learns the latest trends, patterns, and functionalities
  • fully capable of taking substantial features from concept to shipping as the sole developer
  • can provide material feedback on the work of junior developers and middle developers
  • deep expertise within at least one programming environment
  • usually at least 5-8 years of experience being a professional programmer in a specific domain

What can we offer?

  • industry competitive pay according to your knowledge:
    • middle (EUR 2,000.00 - EUR 2,800.00 gross)
    • senior (EUR 2,800.00 - EUR 3,600.00 gross)
  • friendly working atmosphere
  • flexible working hours
  • work from office or remote
  • a chance to be involved in all project phases
  • a chance to learn other skills from experienced colleagues
  • a chance to share your knowledge and experience
  • work on an established and innovative community-building application

How to apply?

Please send us an email to with your CV.

Feel free to add any additional information like some code examples (Github / Bitbucket) of your previous work that you are proud of with a few words describing the problem/solution.